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We have come together with the intent of activating our potential through Art.

Our joy is to share and inspire loving self-knowledge to empower the sublime in us all.

Plumbing our depths we've developed the courage and strength of imagination to begin reaching our heights.

We 've intended the opportunity to share our experience of transformation through the creation of our Story-Book-Journeys, autobiographical in nature, and always guided by Spirit.

This first trilogy on our personal evolution, exists to communicate the beauty, the challenges, the omnific potential we've discovered in these works of Life, of Art, of Love and Freedom.

The experience of becoming aware that there really is something mirificent (and often highly personal) being communicated to us through our 'artistic natures', invites us to see ourselves from new and energizing perspectives, some relegated to the periphery of consciousness. To relate to our selves holistically opens us up to infinite possibilities of wholeness, well-being and mystery.

Through our mirificent works as artists we are transforming ourselves into the loving, patient, creative people we always dreamed we might become. It is our great honour to release our mirificent inspiration to the world at large through our unique illustrated story books, paintings, and so much more, all meant to go beyond boundaries, age groups, and any other imaginary ideas of separation.

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