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Hello everyone! It seems appropriate to continue sharing how I made this fool, myself, into something more. Art really has been, and continues to be, the catalyst of my transformation.

Art, art, art…tore me apart, so I could re-make myself again as Art. Through art I helped myself change, letting go of what I've outgrown, making room for the new me.
It’s simple to say that it’s simple. Acts of love engender loving experiences. Acts from fear bring those fears near. The work of understanding the choices we all make, and why we make them, is not necessarily easy, but it is possible, and can even be fun.

This is where art comes into play. We all have some art waiting to be born, be it a picture, a poem, a dance or some music. By creating and watching myself create I developed two very concrete means of seeing who I really am. Examining my creations I noticed that they were attempting to communicate with me. You can tell a lot about someone by what they make; particularly if it's you doin' the tellin' about what you’ve been makin'. In my case most of my original art was ‘dark’, sad and morbid, bizarre, really, even a little crazy. And so, image by image, a picture of me began to take form in this conscious self exploration. Even though I was yearning desperately for a happy and loving life, all of the dark stuff that poured out of me was showing me what I had, and what I needed to work with, to get through to my loving side.

Secondly, and as important as the actual art itself is the 'how' we act during the process. If you write, let’s say a love song, while yelling and screaming and complaining, to either those who are helping you in some way, or at friends whose opinions you've asked for, by being ungrateful or uncaring, then that becomes part of your present "picture".
Part of us wants to make a loving and beautiful song, while another part is still acting in an unloving manner. All so we can take notice of both parts of ourselves and see each side of who is really there…the ‘you’ wishing to make love with a song, and the 'you' still struggling through fears and darker emotions.

And so, bit by bit, both sides of me began to take form in my view. I discovered new possibilities for communicating with myself, and with those new tools of understanding began seeing myself as whole, and to notice that the more I admitted to my ‘horrible’ side the more its polar opposite came to light.

Like magic I found they were attached to each other, two sides of the same coin. By admitting to my deep, dark, shadowy self, my amazingly beautiful and creative side began to also take shape. The key, as always, is honesty.

With art I discovered new possibilities of communication that ran both ways, from the inside out, and the outside in. Not only did Art show me who I was by what came out of me, but by seeing that such amazing things could flow from me, I learned that I could completely and coherently express my heart as well.

Art showed me that there was more to me than I ever thought possible; that I could bring who I always wished to be onto this world's stage. Art became a new language for me, beyond the ego and its selfishness, and yet encompassing them in their entirety. Art came as a friend, lending a guiding hand to help me understand what it is possible to become. Communication straight from my heart allowed me to see the light of my real Self. By admitting the fool, I get to admit the genius of love inside me too.

Start by doing more than you thought possible, like making art, and soon you’ll be doing the impossible, and being...well, that's up to you. Just remember, Art is endless in its possibilities, as endless as we are.